Breaking Fates

The Breaking Fates series follows a pair of siblings as they are forced into the unseen world against their will. It’s a supernatural horror mystery about an angel, a werewolf, and a wiener dog … with a twist!

Breaking Fates Vol.1 (Click to View/Download 10 free chapters!)
While on summer break, sixteen-year-old Ren and her brother Bo decide to investigate an odd series of animal attacks near their home. Their search turns up something far more complicated as they uncover a mystery that entangles not only themselves, but members of their family from generations past. During their hunt for the truth, they recruit the help of their new neighbors. Their lives fly wildly off the rails when they discover supernatural roots at the heart of the mystery. Balancing everyday life with the supernatural becomes an increasingly perilous challenge, but it’s not the only one they have to face. They can’t do it alone and the pair discovers that help comes at a price.

Breaking Fates Vol.2 (Click to View/Download 8 free chapters!)
Ren and her brother, Bo, learn more about the supernatural world they are now a part of, and continue to develop and strengthen their powers. A new boy at school catches Ren’s eye, but he seems to be more than just your average high school senior. Bo participates in a new sport that probably won’t be on TV any time soon and learns that two heads (or more!) are better than one. Friends and foes join forces for a supernatural battle on an epic scale. Join the adventure as the Alonsos forge new (and improved) relationships and learn a valuable lesson about the difference between surviving and winning.

Breaking Fates Vol.3 (Click to View/Download 10 free chapters!)
Ren, now eighteen years old, deals with the guilt of losing her boyfriend while doing everything inhumanly possible to get him back. Her quest leads to trials that test her at every turn, forcing her to grow and adapt. Along the way, she unlocks family secrets that, if discovered by others, may put the future of humanity at risk. Bo, now sixteen, finds new and inventive ways to use his abilities that land him at odds with an enemy older than the human race. He alone has the ability to delay their invasion plans. In preparation for the imminent invasion, he trains his girlfriend Alyssa, as well as an odd group of local supernaturals, to face the threat. Fearing for the safety of their newest family member, Trey and Sue are forced to make impossible choices.

Breaking Fates Vol.4 (Click to View/Download 6 free chapters!)
With a supernatural apocalypse unfolding, the veil of secrecy that’s protected the unseen world for millennia has been torn to shreds. Bo, soon to be seventeen, suffers an inescapable case of mistaken identity. For some reason, the whole world believes he’s the reborn Norse god Fenris and expects him to be their savior. His sister, Ren, soon to be nineteen, is plagued by the consequences of choices she made in another life. Best friends Alyssa, Pete, and Ramzi join them as they form Team Fenris to fight not only the elves but the horrific Mi-Go who arrive as the second wave of the apocalypse. Trey and Sue find an unexpected surprise in the Tree Sister grove. Team Fenris partners with allies from the past in a battle over the fate of the Earth.